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Cookies on Ideal-ist Spring Proposal Check Event

Explanation about the cookies used to enhance the experience of your website visit.

The website for Ideal-ist Spring Proposal Check Event is built with the platform. The cookie settings are the same for each of the sites on this platform.

Main principles are as few cookies as needed and no spying on the user's behaviour.
For quality reasons, the site's usage is monitored with Fathom Analytics, a privacy-friendly and GDPR-compliant tool.

What is a cookie? General explanation

A "cookie" is a small file that is places on the disk of your device (computer, phone, tablet) by a website. The main function of a cookie is to differentiate one user from another. You'll often see cookies on sites where a login is required. A cookie will keep you logged in while using the site.

If you want to find out more, check this excellent explanation of Kaspersky.

Which cookies do we use? And why?

This site uses cookies (and similar technologies) to save your preferences, so that we can offer a personalised, thus better, experience. The information that is saved in these cookies is encrypted and can only be read (again) by this website. And this, only when you are active on the site.

At the moment, we use the following cookies:

The first two cookies are essential cookies (to protect forms and to keep session information for logged in users), for which we don't need your permission. The last cookie is only saved when a user chooses for this option.

We do not use cookies of third parties (like Google Analytics of Facebook,…). Because we don't have an impact on the reach of their cookie policy statements, nor on the concrete content of their cookies.

Your permission

As a result of the GDPR legislation, websites from the EU are obliged to provide information about the cookies used and request permission when a non-essential cookie is placed on your disk. This policy informs you clearly (and completely) about which cookies we use and why we do this.

Since we do not use non-essential cookies, you will not see a cookie banner to enter preferences.

Also be aware that you can always adjust your browser settings if you prefer to refuse certain cookies. Keep in mind that this can lead to a less good user experience.

Below you can find the information about cookie settings in the most commonly used browsers:

Additionally, you can resolutely block all cookies by ticking the settings for refusing cookies in your browser. However, if you do this, it could result in you no longer being able to use the website.

Any question?

If you still have a question (or suggestion) related to our cookie policy, don't hesitate to send an e-mail to

IDEAL-IST is a non-profit network of ICT national contact points (NCP's) ( It is active since 1996 and was established to support ICT companies and research organisations worldwide in their participation in European research programmes.

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