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Privacy policy in short

Data submitted through this site will be used only for this specific proposal check event.

Access to information is managed by strict access policies.
Only the experts that review your proposal will have access to the content. Only the event managers will have access to participation statistics.

There is no automated transmission of info to mailing lists.
The event organisers can contact you afterwards, but this will be a deliberate and human action.

All confidential information will be destroyed within 3 months after the event.
You'll receive a notification when the attached documents will be deleted.

You can delete your account whenever you want.
No questions asked, it is your right. All attached documents will be destroyed immediately then.

IDEAL-IST is a non-profit network of ICT national contact points (NCP's) (www.ideal-ist.eu). It is active since 1996 and was established to support ICT companies and research organisations worldwide in their participation in European research programmes.

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